Apeiron blue solutions provides help and guidance to foreign entities and individuals wishing to enter Czech market regardless whether they are a new company or a subsidiary having its parent company abroad.

We offer our clients analysis of certain business area of the Czech market, advisory services relating to entering Czech market in the chosen area. In this regard, we provide our clients with support in legal and commercial matters relating to their business activities, as a secondary activity, we are able to assist them with accounting and tax issues.

Apeiron blue solutions specializes mainly in acquisitions of small and medium-sized enterprises and investment groups doing their business in energetics, renewable resources, light engineering and medical technologies.

Apeiron blue solutions is a project of the Apeiron advisory group counselling to clients in the Czech Republic.


Apeiron blue solutions focuses mainly on foreign clients either from the EU or from abroad.

Market in the Czech Republic belongs to the fastest growing European markets. The Czech Republic has always been famous for its light engineering and great practice and expertise of the people living in the country. It persisted to these days. Our country offers highly specialized experts, stable political and economic environment, lower labour costs, low inflation and unemployment rate, favourable real estate prices as well as the exchange rates CZK/EUR and CZK/USD. These features all together contribute the Czech Republic being a popular destination for location of production or a registered seat.

If you are just considering whether to enter the Czech market or not, you should have no worries in case you finally decide to go ahead with the idea. It will be our pleasure to help you with assessment of any viable options you may have in the market. We will be your permanent partner from the very beginning of your idea to its implementation. We can help you to search out business opportunities as well.

We also assist to foreign clients who wish to purchase goods or services from the Czech Republic. We are ready to recommend and mediate a business partner on B2B and B2C levels while assisting with legal, accounting and tax issues relating to your business.


Apeiron blue solutions has extensive knowledge and expertise mainly in energetics, renewable resources, light engineering and medical technologies. We can provide support, complex guidance and assistance especially with regards to acquisitions and sales of photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric power plants. In addition, we can assist with requesting proposals of investment units as well as with their supply and other mediation. We provide assessment of projects and their offer, either on the position of the buyer or the seller, and full service through the course of whole acquisition or sale (from the first drafts of contractual documentation, through discussions with the concerned authority for example with the Energy Regulatory Office).


We rely on our specialists and experts as well as cooperate with various external providers.

Apeiron blue solutions performs some of its activities mainly with regards to the on/off shore companies and communication with foreign banking institutions through its "parent" company Apeiron advisory s.r.o.

Apeiron blue solutions relies on Apeiron advisory´s project Czechtender.com mainly with regards to matters relating to municipal units or state authorities. Our colleagues have detailed knowledge and expertise in terms of public administration´s demands and local self-government units and are ready to provide our clients with complex support with public procurement procedures.

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